Personal Trainers of RiverPlace Athletic Club

Elena Spontak, B.S., Certified Pilates Instructor

503.221.1212, Ext. 404

E-mail Elana

Empowering students to feel more connected throughout their body, and attain greater mobility, strength and balance.

Elena, who has been teaching mat and Reformer Pilates since 2008, is a strong advocate of preventative medicine. She originally discovered the practice while working with her own physical imbalances, and was inspired help others find balance through Pilates as well.

Elena analyzes each client’s body for reference points of muscular and skeletal imbalances, and then discusses their goals for achievable results. In a class setting, she strives to provide different options for each position so that the curriculum is both fun, and comfortable for participants of every fitness level.

This active health educator, who earned her degree from University of New Mexico, loves working with the members at RiverPlace, who she says, “Are constantly teaching me more about the human body. It’s rewarding to see the results of all their hard work!” When Elena’s not training, you’re likely to find her participating in one of her favorite sports, such as running, rowing, boxing or biking.


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