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Kimberly Berg, MS, Certified Personal Trainer

Photography by Shannon Moody

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Helping others to heal and find freedom from chronic pain through strength training, stretching, and stabilization exercises

Kimberly Berg—who has been a clinical exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer at RiverPlace since 1995—has experience working with special populations in a clinical setting, as well as lecturing in hospitals on risk factor modification, exercising with diabetes, and stress reduction techniques. But it was her life-long involvement with dance (both as a teacher and performer with the Orchesis Dance Co.) that originally led her to pursue a degree in athletic training.

Kimberly developed and directs the Phase III Cardiac Rehabilitation and Parkinson’s Agility Programs, in addition to teaching bootcamp and TRX classes. When she’s not working at the club, Kimberly enjoys Egyptian belly dancing, swing dancing, hiking, horseback riding, drawing, painting, and playing with her many pets. Kimberly is a Certified Exercise Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine, and is also certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. She earned her masters in exercise physiology from the University of Wisconsin.


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  1. Kimberly Berg said,

    Hey, I have a great Early Bird Boot-camp starting Oct. 5th. This class meets 6am Tues and Thurs. We focus on cardiovascular workouts combined with great core exercises. Participants who have been taking this class have lost anywhere from 5-20#, many have reported losing significant inches and relieve from back pain. Best of all we change up the exercises each session.

    • Janice said,

      Is this class still being offered? Is it fee based? How long is the class?

      • Kimberly Berg said,

        Hi Janice, sorry for the delay in response I thought this was a link to my e-mail, but I was mistaken. So to answer your question YES! we are still offering this class. I repeat it every six weeks. The cost is $99 for one time a week and $180 for twice. It’s a great group, they are dedicated and love the fact that I change it up all the time. I only take 10 participants each session so I can also address any orthopedic concerns anyone may have. This session just started Nov. 16th, if I have room and an individual wants to jump in mid session, I usually pro-rate it for them. Thank you so much for inquiring about this class. Have a great day, Kimberly Berg MS

  2. Kimberly Berg said,

    Want to get into a TRX class but have scheduling conflicts? I am offering a TRX EXPESS workout. This 5:30am -25 minute workout, works your whole body in a circuit like formate all in time to get you out the door to start your day! Class meets Mondays and Wednesdays, Hope to see you there!

  3. Kimberly Berg said,

    I still have openings in my Cardiac Rehab 7:00 am class. If you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes or diagnosed heart disease, then we have the class for you. This class is monitored by cardiac therapists in a non-theatening, fun atmosphere. Call Kimberly Berg ext 770
    for more details

  4. marc said,

    What does MS mean?

  5. Anonymous said,

    Re: Bill Chapin: services will be held Friday at 2 pm at Mt Scott Funeral Home, followed by a reception at Eastmorland Golf Club (27th and Bybee)

    Kelly Reece

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