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Michelle Harteloo, B.A., ACSM

Photography by Shannon Moody

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Helping individuals to achieve their dreams by  motivating them to be the best they can be!

Michelle Harteloo’s passion for running—including competing four years at the collegiate level on both cross country and track teams—is what led her to pursue a career in health and fitness. The avid runner believes that health and fitness is a lifestyle which can greatly enhance a person’s quality of life. For that reason, Michelle strives to instill her clients with similar enthusiasm in order to motivate them to reach their own individual potential and reach specific goals.

Her specializations include strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, stretching, sport-specific training, injury prevention, speed/agility, core strengthening, endurance training and sports psychology. Michelle is an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) certified Health Fitness Specialist who earned a B.A. in Exercise Science from Linfield College.


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  1. Michelle Harteloo said,

    Hello all fitness enthusiasts!

    With fall upon us, now is the best time to get inside the club and try out new workouts! Starting October 13th at 8:30am, I will be teaching a 6 week class that utilizes the 3 fitness balls- medicine ball, physioball and the BOSU. You will learn how to get a total body workout that can be incorporated into your own fitness routine!

    Have kids ages 12-16? Bring them in Tuesdays from 4:30-5:15 to join me in the youth run. We will focus on various areas of running such as endurance, speed/agility, and mechanics.

    As always, I am here for those seeking motivation to stay on track through the rainy weather!

  2. Anonymous said,

    “I have been training with Michelle Harteloo since last summer. I really enjoyed working with her but didn’t appreciate what a role she would play in my life until I broke my foot in October.

    So often, I have wanted to give up, but she has continued to encourage me and adapt her training around my injury. Despite my injury, I have been able to stay in great shape and have continued to come to the gym regularly.

    I credit Michelle’s great attitude and skill for keeping me on track. She has continued to motivate me and she is a wonderful asset to this facility.”

  3. Michelle said,

    I will once again be teaching the Ball Conditioning Combo class beginning Wednesday, June 1st at 8:30am. The class is a six week series where we will utilize the three exercise balls: BOSU, Phsyioball and Medicine ball.

    The advantages of using the BOSU and Physioball is the unstable base it gives you during an exercise. Having an unstable surface activates your core and stability muscles, the small muscles surrounding joints and major muscle groups. These muscles are essential for good balance and injury prevention. The medicine ball is a great tool to use for functional training as it allows you to move it in any plane and every day movement patterns.
    As with any class and equipment, there are multiple progressions that can be made as ones fitness increases. I also make modifications during class for those who are not capable of doing the full exercise or struggle with balance. This allows individuals of any fitness level to take the class and feel comfortable, yet challenged.

    Hoping to see a few new faces in class!

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