Personal Trainers of RiverPlace Athletic Club

Nikki Partridge, BS, CPT, TRX, STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor

503.221.1212, ext. 752

Email Nikki

Who we are, is how we move.

Nikki Partridge is in constant pursuit of balance: in mind and body, firmly believing that when individuals also realize their potential with physical activity, they can translate it to all aspects of their lives.

The ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, TRX, cycling and group/private mat and reformer Pilates instructor, designs exercise programs for her clients that address general wellness and weight loss, sport specific conditioning, pre/post surgery and pre/post-natal, as well as functional training.

Nikki, a graduate of Brock University (BS in Kinesiology), loves spending time outdoors, whether it’s running trails, cycling, climbing or hiking. Her passion to push herself beyond her limits and experience life to its fullest, rolls over into her training. Of her clients she says, “They feed me. They push me to be a better trainer and overall person.”


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