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Steve Gatt, B.S., Certified Personal Trainer

Photography by Shannon Moody

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One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to training!

In late 2005, with a weight reaching nearly 300 lbs, Steve Gatt sought the assistance of a personal trainer in order to help him become fit again. Since 2005 Steve has lost almost a third of his former peak weight, and now enjoys the benefits of a much healthier lifestyle. This dramatic change in his own life influenced him to help others in similar circumstances.

As a Certified Personal Trainer, Steve enjoys having direct interaction with his clients in order to encourage them to attain their personal goals. He has experience working with a range of individuals from clients with specific goals, to people seeking rehabilitation, or general fitness and core strength. Steve enjoys using a combination of weight training, metabolic conditioning and cardio fitness with his clients. He is also a certified cycling and TRX instructor, and assists with the Cardiac Wellness & Parkinson’s Programs. Outside of work, he enjoys mountain biking, camping, and traveling.


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  1. Steve said,

    Happy Autumnal Equinox!

    Around here fall means the beginning of the rainy season and with that many of you may want to bring your workout inside! We’ve got options for everyone here at RiverPlace and I’d encourage come on in and try some.

    I’m sure many of you love biking, beginning Sunday, October 3rd, I’ll be leading Indoor Cycling on an every-other-week basis! We get started at 10:10 am and go for a fun, challenging hour long ride to some of my favorite tunes.

    Looking for a new and challenging workout?
    Try out our ongoing TRX series! This is a serious workout using suspension training straps and body weight resistance. I lead class on Monday night at 6pm. If you haven’t tried TRX and don’t know what it’s all about stop by and join class, I’ll show you what it’s all about. Space is limited to only 6, so hurry!

    Looking for a more personalized workout? I’m also available as a Trainer. Considering your goals and experience I can guide you through a solid workout program and help you achieve your fitness goals.

    Thanks for looking in and have a great day!

  2. Steve said,

    The holidays are upon us, but now is not the time to miss your workout. Exercising helps lower stress and can combat those Winter blues not to mention fighting those extra holiday calories from cookies and egg nog!

    Come see me today, and lets get started on your program now.

    Give the gift of health and wellness, consider a gift card for personal training, spa services or any of our offerings.

    Thanks for looking in and have a great day!

  3. Michael said,

    Steve has been my personal trainer for over a year now. I am 39 years old, father, husband, business owner, and in the best physical shape of my life.

    As in all things in life, the longer you work at something, the better the results should be. Steve’s personal approach has me looking forward to be at our hour session each week. Are the easy, no, are the rewarding, yes!

    With Steve assistants, I completed my first Duathlon in June 2010. A Duathlon consist of biking 28 miles followed by a 10k run. I finished just under 3 hours. As I was not looking to win the race but accomplish person goals in completing it.

    Working with Steve and following better eating and general excise program has helped me shed apx 6 inches around the waist, lost 26 pounds and improved muscle strength. As the weight loss has slowed, the body composition ratios continue to improve and the visional changes are occurring.

    I am just now really seeing the full benefit from all of this work. Snow skiing, biking, tennis, golf, soccer, and wake boarding are just a lot easier and heck of a lot more enjoyable.

    Steve can show you how to do it; you just have to make the decision to trust him.

    Thanks again Steve for your time and support.


    • Thank you for sharing this inspiring testimonial, Michal! Way to go!

  4. Steve said,

    Happy New Year!

    Many people set health, fitness and weight loss goals every year, maybe even you.

    Here’s a quick list of ideas to help you get started:

    Set realistic goals. In addition, have incremental goals so that you achieve small victories along the way. Celebrate those victories!

    Think of each day as a new one, with new energy and life. No matter what happened yesterday, see today objectively. It’s not all or nothing.

    Do something, no matter how small, each day to help you reach your goal.

    Make time for yourself. Whether it’s taking time to read a book or go for a walk, it’s important to make time for yourself.

    Ask for help. The RAC has a diverse staff of trainers and an on-site dietician. We are here to work with and support you along your journey.

    Come see me and let’s make this year your best year.

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